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Craig M​cDa​vitt

Equine Specialist - EAGALA Certified

Craig holds a B.S. in Health Education, with a Secondary Education Endorsement. He has over 25 years working with youth, adults and families. Craig’s career has included establishing community youth programs, Child Protective Services, Foster Care ​C​​asework, HIV Outreach and Prevention, and Special Education Teacher for At-Risk Students. Craig's work has always centered on serving and helping others lift themselves. He now looks forward to combining this life of service with his lifelong love and passion for horses.  Craig attributes his love of horses to his late father who had him on horseback before he could walk.  Having grown up on horseback, he learned early on of their therapeutic capacity. As a youth himself, his horses were often his closest confidants and companions instilling a deep connection that continues to serve as a grounding force in his own life. He now hopes to share this with others, while providing a safe avenue for healing and growing.  Craig holds certification as Equine Specialist through EAGALA, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.

Terri Ordahl

Psy. D., LCDC

Terri holds a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Assessment, Testing, and Child - Family Development. Terri's internship rotations included Neuropsychology, Child and Adolescent Assessment and Treatment as well as Geriatric Assessment and Treatment. Terri has also worked extensively in school settings, collaborating with staff on Elementary, Middle School and High School levels.  Her previous experience includes Child Protective Services, where she and Craig originally met, and developed a strong working relationship. Terri most recently served as Clinical Psychologist, and Chemical Dependency Counselor for Burning Tree Recovery Ranch, before establishing her private practice in Terrell, Texas.  Terri enjoys spending time with her family on their rural property and is a passionate voice in the Recovery Community. Volunteering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness fills her time as well.  A dream of having her own personal menagerie of alpaca, llama, horses, longhorn and more is always present.


Our Horses - "The Crew"

We currently maintain a herd consisting of 20 horses and burros between both facilities of operation. The Crew ranges in ​ages from 4  years old to 27, and each one comes with their own unique personality. With backgrounds as diverse as the clients they serve, our horses bring an abundance of experience and emotion to a session.  With retired barrel racers, roping horses, and Mustangs from the herds of Wyoming, Arizona and Nevada, each one offers a unique contribution to the Process.  With so many personalities, all our clients are able to find one, or more, that they are able to connect with and find the perfect match to connect, share, and heal.  

We do all we can to best match horses with the specific needs of the client.

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