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Rick Foster Scholarship for At Risk and Troubled Youth

Richard 'Rick' L. Foster was a genuine soul who poured every ounce of his being into making a difference in the lives of youth.  Working in Education, and later in Addiction Treatment, Rick touched many lives and left a deep and lasting impression on everyone he encountered.  Always upbeat and looking forward, Rick approached every day and every challenge with tireless dedication and determination.  He strove to exemplify this quality for the youth he worked with and show that any and all obstacles can be met with strength, dignity and humility. 


I personally had the pleasure of working with Rick while at Sundown Ranch. Rick was an amazing co-worker, always offering support and guidance, and became a driving force in my decision to pursue the path of Equine Assisted Therapy, Growth and Learning.  Without his positivity and encouragement, McDavitt Equine Services might never have come about.  And for this I will be forever grateful. 

At the request of his family, McDavitt Equine Services has created the Rick Foster Scholarship Fund. This fund is being created to offer financial assistance for youth who may not otherwise have the ability to access services.  Donations will be help with tuition for Group programming, and Individual Therapies.  Help us honor Rick, and continue his legacy, by donating today.   


* Update 12/12/2022 

Thank you to all who have donated over the past year and a half since Rick's passing.  The outpouring and support we received was beyond anything we could have imagined. We have been able to provide services for multiple youth, including Life Skills, Riding and Horsemanship, and our Champions At Risk programming. We also established our "Unbridled" program to provide addiction specific group opportunities for affected youth.  We ask for your continued generosity to help us continue providing services for those who would otherwise be unable to access working with the horses. 


Thank you, 

Craig McDavitt


"Make life count; make a difference" 

 - Rick Foster 

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